FIND YOUR CALLING AND FIND OUT WHY USAFA, USMA, AND USNA GRADS CHOOSE AXON! This is more than a career—it’s a calling. With over 26 years of advancing technology and now cresting $1B in annual sales, Axon is dedicated to a bold and powerful mission to Protect Life. Axon is the global leader of connected public safety technologies. We stand for protecting life, protecting truth, transparency, and accountability. Rick Smith founded Axon (formerly TASER International) following the deaths of two high school friends who were gunned down in an act of road rage. This tragedy sparked a passion in Rick to seek new technologies that would enable people to protect themselves without deploying lethal force. Our connected body-worn camera technology and evidence-management cloud are designed to help police officers work efficiently actively and transparently. Axon’s mission from the start has been to make the bullet obsolete, reduce social conflict and ensure criminal justice systems are fair and effective. Following recent events, we have added one more: Eradicate racism and excessive force in the justice system. Join us as we work to make the world a safer place by taking on the big public safety problems and challenges of our time. *In 2019 we committed to the moonshot goal of creating a TASER energy weapon that will outperform a pistol by the year 2030 and remain committed to this goal. * In late 2021, we added a new moonshot goal of reducing officer involved shootings by 50% and we believe that in the next decade we can achieve this. We believe this goal is worth pursuing and will have a transformative impact on our communities. * Fueled by a new moonshot to cut officer involved shootings in half, Axon is looking for new talent to join its mission. In 2021 we hired 940 global roles and Axon is hiring more than 1,200 employees globally in 2022, lifting our workforce by about 19%. We have a remote first policy, and are also looking to add talent to our Phoenix, Seattle and London offices. * Our most pressing hiring is for Software Engineers, Inside Sales, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain


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Finance Manager (US-Remote)

Scottsdale, AZ
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