Jeff Thomas is a vice president and director of the Audit Services Office which includes the Audit Application Competency Center (AACC) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the System Center for Auditor Development (SCAD) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Mr. Thomas is responsible for the oversight and strategic direction of the AACC in its role of providing support and maintenance for the audit software application used by the System audit community. He also oversees SCAD in its role to support the System audit community by administering Systemwide talent development programs, and increasing the audit community’s knowledge of the Federal Reserve’s business environment. Mr. Thomas joined the Federal Reserve in 1988 as a training specialist in human resources. He held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility in corporate relations and automated clearinghouse functions before being promoted to director of SCAD in 1996. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in public administration from Auburn University and attended the Payments Institute at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He completed executive development programs at Harvard University and Stanford University.