About the Team

Business Technology's Alpha Lab is a small team within Workday taking emerging technology ideas from a whiteboard to the boardroom, thereby having an outstanding impact throughout the company. We coalesce around themes—e.g., no-code, automation, bots, computer vision—that represent a cool or new solution to (typically long-standing) operational problems.

To do this, the team spends a lot of time listening to business users, assessing technologies and vendors, then developing prototypes and demos that advance a recommendation for what Workday BT should do next. Note: this is not a day-to-day operations role and is instead focused on solution development and hand-off.

We are looking for a results-oriented software engineer who is conversant with AWS and other tools to build rapid prototypes, how to translate business requirements and user needs into design or evaluation criteria, and who can deliver a compelling presentation of their work.

We move quickly to support changing business needs, but regularly work on efforts related to automation, no/low-code integration, assessing new software, and value realization from existing software/platforms. We work closely with enterprise architects, business users, infrastructure engineers and data engineers, both within our team and throughout the organization.

We also maintain a dedicated and isolated "lab" environment featuring a number of dev sandboxes for our enterprise applications that any Workmate can use for building prototypes for hackathons and other projects. We partner regularly with our venture capital team to support various innovation projects and joint assessments

About the Role

A successful candidate will transform ideas into reality by delivering the following:

  • Timely development of working prototypes that satisfy business requirements
  • New data flows, architecture diagrams and UI concepts and documentation
  • Effectively communicate results and findings to both leadership and technical teams
  • Evaluations of vendor offerings and implementation plans

About You

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of experience in below mentioned technologies
  • Familiarity with AWS, Python (or equivalent) and JavaScript for rapid prototyping, e.g. you can piece together a simple JavaScript frontend that uses Lambda to work with an AWS backend
  • Familiarity with integration tools and can quickly digest API documentation to connect systems
  • Have worked on projects involving some form of identity management (SAML/SSO/IdP), e.g. you can setup a new SP for a SAML IdP or maintain a basic SCIM integration
  • Understanding of common automation frameworks and practices, e.g. Selenium, RPA, Robot
  • Proficient in basic principles of machine learning and AI, e.g. you may not have built a model, but have a high-level understanding of how they are built, trained and deployed

About Workday:

Workday is a cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning company.

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